Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thanks from TAPS

On 9-11, I received a thank you from TAPS to share with all of you who
are helping with the mission of the children of TAPS. It brought back
so many memories of when we all banded together and got blankets back to
the East Coast. To me, the silence of no aircrafts in the skies was
frightening...and then Angelf Flight West and Air America were
authorized to fly first with blood services.

Recently when I asked for help for TAPS, there were 62 Chapter Coords
who signed on and have been continuing to help . Thank you one and all
for your compassion!

TAPS shared this message:"There's a
country of America which you have to defend, but there is also the idea
of America.America is more than just a country, is an idea!"

Thank you one and all,


Barb McLean, PL Coord No Idaho and Spokane Wa Chapter


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