Thursday, June 21, 2007

thank you

This note is to Delores. You made a blanket which my son received at the Ronald McDonald House on Monday. Your name was attached to the blanket. My son was allowed to choose this blanket out of several choices. At 7, he was very impressed that a woman who doesn't know him would care enough to sew him a blanket out of his favorite theme (sports). He believes that Delores sewed this blanket with him in mind and this is the blanket she intended for him to choose. 'How else could it be so perfect for me?'
He loves the blanket. He insisted on sleeping with it the night before his surgery even though, in truth, the blanket was probably intended for a much smaller child. He wanted to take it into the hospital with him. In the recovery room, we saw other children with their blankets from your project.
We had to drive 6 hours home to Eureka. Our son was nauseus the whole way and we used the blanket rolled up as a pillow. Isaac is still insisting on sleeping with this blanket even though we are home and he is much better.
These kids don't have a lot of choices or control over things. They're scared and for many of them rightfully so. Never underestimate what you are doing. A child can understand intuitively that their most basic need next to food is warmth and even a symbol of that from someone they don't know is touching to them and their parents.
Thank you for your time.
Vicky Rosser


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