Monday, July 10, 2006

Thought you would enjoy this story

I loaded the truck last night and planned to go to Childrens Mercy Hospital
in Downtown Kansas City this morning. Woke and it was raining....geezzz
we've been waiting for rain forever....but on blanket delivery day? Well I got in
the truck and drove 40 minutes in the rain to discover that the hospital as
consturction all around it and where I normally drive right to the front
door. Not today, I must park at the end of the side walk and take a little walk
to the door. I run in get several wagons that they have for children to ride
in and bring them back out where my wonderful husband is standing the rain
unloading. I loaded up 2 wagon loads and as I'm walking back to the entrance
there's a protected area where a little boy with and IV is sitting in a wagon
leaning on a pillow. His grandma smiled at me and said he just begged to go
out and see the rain...he's been inside for a month so they let me bring him
out here....he still looked so sad though.... I took the wagons on in out
the rain and grabbed a blanket out of one of the bags and as I passed to go get
another load I handed this little guy a blanket. He just grinned so big and
said to his grandma, we go back in now. Made my day and if it hadn't been
raining I would have missed giving this little guy his blanket.
Sorry this is so long but I wanted to share with you.

Patty Gregory
KansasCity Project Linus


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