Tuesday, June 06, 2006

From a servicemans widow

I received a thank you to one of my blanketeers for a quilt received through
the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors Good Grief Camp where my
chapter sent 88 patriotic blankets:
"Iris K.,
I received a security blanket for my child and want to say "thank you". I
am truly blessed to be embraced during my journey and grief and definitely
realize I am not alone nor is Brian forgotten. The blanket is absolutely
beautiful. Thank you for taking precious hours out of your personal time in
making the quilt. You have touched our soul with your kindness and
compassion. Unfortunately, many have left us alone to grieve.. but now we
have a blanket to cuddle and to hold on to.. and it definitely provides us
both security.

Thank you kindly,
Angela & Taylor
Ft. Worth, Texas"


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