Saturday, March 11, 2006

Interesting story

This is a delicate story, but one worth sharing. This morning, I
went very early to the local church, where they were holding the
funeral for a local soldier. I delivered a blanket for his 5 month
old daughter, whom he saw one time a couple weeks ago, just before he
passed (he was in Texas since November, suffering from horrible burns
from a bombing).

Last week, a funeral was held for another soldier about 10 miles from
here. A group showed up and protested, very vocal and incomprehen-
sibly disrespectful. Countless people in communities throughout our
area were outraged. The group vowed to be at today's funeral.

Today when I made my early, "quick" stop at the church, I found
myself blocked in by hundreds, if not thousands, of people with
flags, Vets, soldiers in uniform, high school kids, elderly. . . The
protest group was there, too. Whenever this group started protesting
vocally, the crowd began singing "America the Beautiful" or "God
Bless America." Then, over 300 bikers rumbled up, drowning out the

The protestors left. Then the crowd became rather quiet, knowing the
funeral had begun. Then people with large American flags lined both
sides of the streets, along with the rest of us, and made an "arch"
which the funeral procession drove through on their way to the
cemetary. It was awesome. So many of the mourners left the church
in tears -- most of them men.

I hope his baby girl will one day understand how a community came to
the rescue of her daddy and his family -- and that the special
blankie dropped off for her will provide a sense of security and

A Linus Coordinator from Michigan


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