Saturday, December 17, 2005

More thank yous

Dear Gerri and all the quilters,

Please pass on to Gerri that I have received her handmade quilt from Child Advocates and we will be giving it for Christmas to my advocate child, an 11-year old girl (whose FAVORITE colors are pink and purple).

I took the liberty of printing out the website photos from October '05 and there was Gerri holding up the quilt!! What a talent you all have - and you are doing so much for so many.

So I will add this photo and a little information about your organization when I wrap this stunning work of art.

Thank you, Gerri!! - and warm wishes for this holiday season to you all.

Susan Sherman

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We received the following e-mail at HQ from a thankful parent. You're
welcome to share this with your blanketeers:

I wanted to take a moment and share my experience that introduced me to
Project Linus.
My name is Krystin and on July 30th my son, Ty, and I were traveling from
Cincinnati up to Michigan to visit family. We were about 5 hours into our 6
1/2 hour trip and driving on I94 when we were in a very serious accident,
flipping end over end a number of times. I was very seriously injured,
fortunately my son was not. You can imagine, though, how it might have been for a not
quite 2 year old to go through this experience and then see his mother
covered in blood and not able to move. We were taken by ambulance to Foote
Hospital in Jackson, MI. While I was being attended to, the nurses cleaned him up
and gave him a blanket from your organization in addition to a small panda
bear from the ambulance company. While I was not there, I could hear from the
table the resounding "ahhhs" as they all watched him cling to these items.
I can't explain how this seemingly small thing affected me. We were miles
from home and the only things he had were this blanket and teddy bear. It has
been almost 5 months and he still sleeps with the blanket every night. I
wanted to personally thank you for this "small" huge thing that your
organization did.

Just wanted to share a note I received yesterday from a young mother in

"Richmond Metro Chapter:

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you so much for all
you've done for the "Katrina" hurricane area. My husband is a police officer
and was assigned to one of the shelters after the hurricane (and during it,
too!). I was 7 mos. pregnant during the storm.
We were blessed-our house only had slight amount of water and light storm
damage, however we had no blankets and no where to get any warm blankets to
bring our baby girl home in. One of his last nights at the shelter he found a
hand crocheted pink and white blanket. He knew I'd love it and it would be
much needed for our winter time baby. Well on November 20th our baby girl
"Emmaleigh" was born. We've had cold weather ever since-so her beautiful blanket
has been priceless! I taped the little card in her baby book along side the
Katrina papers. Her blanket will be forever cherished and the history
behind it will be a wonderful story for her. We appreciate your generosity,
prayers and support during this time in our lives. God Bless.

David, Angel & Emmaleigh King"

This is an awesome group to work with. Way to go!!
Hi everyone,
This note was sent by Julie in Covington LA. She requested blankets a short
time ago for hurricane victims and many of you were able to help. I have
been so grateful to all of you for your help in coming to the aid of our
affected chapters, but I am also in awe of those chapter coordinators and
volunteers who were victims of the hurricane yet still find the time and the energy to
deliver blankets to families who have experienced this disaster. Our total
as of today is 25,519 blankets delivered to hurricane victims. Thank you to

Dear Mary,
I am so sorry that this e-mail is getting to you so late, but it seems as if
things just won't ever be the same. Please do me a favor and pass this
message on to the chapters who so lovingly gave when we really needed their help.
I want them to know that Darlene and I thank them from the bottom of our
hearts. It's hard to believe that it will soon be Christmas. New Orleans and
the surrounding areas still look like war zones-no lights at night, still a
lot of blue roofs and very few stores opened because most people are either
gone or have no money. People are really trying to get in the holiday spirit.
Makes the saying "Jesus is the reason for the season" ring so true!!!
You will get a more detailed report in the future, but I thought I would let
everyone know approximately where the majority of blankets went:
100 Children's Hospital (re-opened and transferred 80% of children from
various hospitals in Baton Rouge in mid Oct)
100 St. Tammany Hospital (took Oschner overflow pediatric ward in N.O.)
100 Slidell Evacuation Centers
OakHarbor, Immanuel Baptist Church and Aldersgate Methodist
50 Lakeview Regional Pediatric Ward and NICU
40 Oschner NICU
20 St Tammany Fire Station #4569 (Families lost everything)
27 Individuals

I have gotten phone calls from Ronald McDonald's House, Angels Place and
Fairhaven's Children's Home (all were destroyed, but are rebuilding) and have
put blankets in reserve for them. This leaves us with approximately 75
blankets. However, Hosanna Lutheran will be donating soon and so will several other
We could not have done this without your help. I wish I could tell you the
stories of the faces and the tears I shed when they asked the question "Is
this really all mine?". Most of these children own a few pieces of clothing from
Goodwill, but now, because of you, they own a blanket made with love from
"Project Linus".

Thanks and Love

Julie & Darlene



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