Sunday, October 30, 2005

Amother thank you

This Chapter supplies blankets to several facilities where
abused/neglected children are interviewed, examined, forensic evidence
gathered and counseling provided. This week, a note arrived from one of
those locations that I'd like to share with everyone:

"Dear Project Linus,

"Hello! I can't express my thanks and appreciation to you and the work
you do. The looks and squeals from the children when they are told they
can choose and keep a blanket is AMAZING! It greatly brightens the day
of a child who has been abused or neglected. The "fuzzy" blankets have
been a big hit. It often takes the children a long time to choose
between all of the shapes, sizes, patterns, designs, and colors, but
when they finally choose, that blanket is instantly theirs!!

"I had a mom call me and tell me that even though her daughter had a
difficult interview discussing how she had been touched
inappropriately - all she could talk about was her blanket! The mom said
her daughter hangs the blanket on her door during the day and sleeps
with the blanket at night. The mom also said she tried to cut the tag
off the blanket and her daughter told her not to, as the blanket was
"perfect" the way it was! :-) I couldn't agree more.

"The blankets often return a sense of security to these children and
give them something they can call their own. That feeling the children
receive can't be replaced. Thank you SO much for the work you do to
brighten the lives of children who need it so desperately.

"Thank you! Thank you!

"Kindest regards, ....
The Child Protection Team"

(A word of interpretation: I think the tag mentioned is not a PL label,
but rather a paper hang tag identifying this chapter of PL as the source
of the blanket. The fuzzy blankets are fleece.)

This is from another chapter. Dolores


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