Friday, September 30, 2005

Thank you note

Just wanted to share with everyone a phone call I received this
morning. Our office has a customer service office in New Orleans.
The one CS rep (Kelly) that works in that office lives in Mandeville,
LA just north of the lake. Her home is a total loss and they have
been living in an RV park until they are able to move into a rental.
I had sent blankets for her two teenage daughters (16 & 13) a week or
so ago. She called me this morning to thank me for the blankets for
her girls. She said to extend their thanks to everyone at Project
Linus. The day the girls got their blankets was literally the first
time either girl had smiled since the hurricane hit. She said that
life is far from getting back to normal and they take it one day at a
time but the blankets have made a great impact on her girls. Thanks
to everyone for all they have done for the kids of Hurricane Katrina!

Annette Faerber
Southwest Illinois


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