Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thank you notes received

This note arrived in my Linus mailbox today. While it is directed
specifically at my chapter, it really is a message for all of us and
a reminder of why we do what we do. The newspaper article to which
the author refers appeared in a local paper on Thursday and was
extremely well done.

How ironic is was for me today to have opened the Mountain Times and
found the article on the Linus Project. Just last week I was going
through my daughter's clothes, blankets, toys, etc. because we are in
the process of moving. I came across a blanket that brought many
tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart.

Two years ago on October 21, my then-17-month-old daughter was
severely bitten on the face by a second-hand dog we had gotten a few
months prior. The woman who gave us the dog stated that it was
friendly with other dogs/cats and was great with children. She had 5
of her own so I assumed(NEVER assume) I could believe her. However,
after a few months, I was proven wrong. My daughter was bitten soooo
badly and would have lost her left eye had the bite been another 1/2
inch down her face. We are all so fortunate because the scar alone
is certainly enough to live with every day and a constant reminder of
that awful night. I'll never forget racing her to the hospital
listening to the terrible, heart-wrenching screams and all of the
blood I couldn't help but glance at every minute of the way there.

After about 3 hours of surgery performed by Dr. Garth and careful
skin placement, my baby was taken to the children's unit of Watauga
Hospital. There the kind nurses consoled us and gave our Ella a
popsicle, some Tylenol, and something I will never forget: her very
own Linus Project quilt. The blanket was machine-pieced with
adorable pastel fabrics and absolutely perfect for her. Thanks
sooooo much to the kind people who donate to this wonderful cause.
Thank you even more to the beautiful hearts and hands that put them
together. Special people keep this world a special place.

It was a very devastating and traumatic time for our family, one I'll
never forget although I try to erase it every single day. I cannot
thank you enough and would love to be able to meet the quilter. But
you all know who you are and what you do for special children in need.

Thank you so kindly,
Well, Iwant to thank of those that sent blankets to the request for
blankets for SW Louisiana.
I will be shutting down my computer in about an hour and am not sure
when I will be back online. We are expecting to get hit pretty hard by
Hurricane Rita. We are staying as of right now. I will check in as
soon as I get back to a computer. Please keep us in your thoughts and

Thank you,
Nell Breuer
SW Louisiana Chapter
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All of the Project Linus chapters throughout the country have been most generous with aiding the homeless and evacuees in Mississippi (as elsewhere). I have been overwhelmed with the blankets sent to Mississippi. Today in Jackson, MS a baby shower was held for pregnant women who have had to flee their homes and leave behind everything - or it was blown away. In several weeks they are going to have another baby shower on the coast for women who had to stay there but have lost everything. I took blankets for all babies - they were SO appreciative. (As a sidenote - this shower was hosted by Barbie Bassett, a meteorologist in Jackson, MS and a former Mrs. America.) I have delivered blankets in some devastated areas - nothing was left standing - and they are all so appreciative. I will be going to the coast this week-end to deliver more blankets. So a HUGE thank you from the evacuees in MS who have so graciously received your thoughts, prayers and love through your blankets.

Martha Carlson
Jackson, MS
Hi - Katrina blankets are still pouring in and I was getting buried with
nowhere to send them. I have, in the past, sent blankets to My Stuff Bags
Foundation when I have extras. I checked their website
( and they are not only putting together their
necessities bags for kids removed from abusive homes, but are now providing
bags for kids displaced from the hurricane. I think this is a good option
for blankets made especially for hurricane victims when our Project Linus
requests are filled! Janeen Holmes will send you FREE SHIPPING labels and
pick-up is from your house. She send the following email to be passed
"Yes! We are working like crazy here to keep up with the needs of hurricane many children! But we're so grateful to be able to offer the
comfort of My Stuff Bags, especially when they can have beautiful Project
Linus blankets in them! Thank you so much, Judy, the labels are on the way.
Please pass the word along to other coordinators if you can.
With much gratitude,
Email her with your name/address/phone number and number of mailing labels
you need and she'll send them to you.
Judy Walter, Carroll County, MD

THIS IS PROJECT LINUS at work! Thank you to all the wonderful blanketeers in our area who have given so much this month.


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