Thursday, September 22, 2005


We just wanted to give all of you an update on our hurricane relief efforts. We know many of you have been sharing the numbers and the stories with your blanketeers. Thank you for spreading the word.

We continue to be simply amazed at the wonderful group of chapter coordinators and volunteers we have! What a privilege and a pleasure it is for us to join hands as we try to do our small part in easing some of the trauma these children have experienced. The disaster is devastating but having a part in easing a tiny bit of their suffering has been heartwarming. Thank you all!

In the past 18 days we have arranged for the distribution of 20,239 Project Linus blankets!

I have a feeling the end is not yet in sight, with the new reports of Hurricane Rita. As always, we will wait until the local chapter coordinators let us know if they need National help. If there is a need, I will let you know via e-mail and wait for your reply, if you have extra blankets. Please fill your local needs first. Please do not promise that any blankets will go to hurricane victims simply because we just don't know how long we will be requesting blankets. We have told our chapters in the hurricane areas that we're here to help for as long as help is needed. It would be impossible for us to reach such a tremendous number of people without all of you and your volunteers. PLEASE pass along our heartfelt thanks to each one!

Thank you so much!
Mary and Carol

Mary C. Balagna
Project Linus National Vice-president
Central IL Chapter Coordinator


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