Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some letters from the south re hurricane blankets

From Sandy Roof – PL Blanketeer volunteering at the Red Cross Processing
Center in Bearden:
The PL blankets that have gone out of the Supply Depot carried by the
children and their parents are being held by survivors showing much more hope then
when they first came through the doors of the Disaster Relief Center. I wish
all PL Blanketeers had the chance to see the return of hope that comes to the
individuals whose lives they have so profoundly touched ... each PL Blanketeer
is a stepping stone toward normalcy in lives that have been so brutally torn

Thanks again for your help and support to Project Linus of East Tennessee.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to begin by saying "Thank You" to all who have sent
blankets to me for the Hurricane Katrina Relief.

Life is returning to normal here in Mobile but I can't say the same
for MS and LA. My husband, Steve, works in MS and he comes home
everyday telling me about someone else that he has spoken with that
day who has lost everything. It is so sad because you want to do so
much for them.

I did receive an email a coupled of days ago from one of my
volunteers across the bay. She and her two daughters delivered some
blankets and I wanted to share part of the email with you in order
to let you know how much these blankets mean to these families.
"I have donated 23 blankets to Eastern Shore Family Practice. They
have been giving them out to the sick children they are seeing from
LA and MS from the storm. The girls and I were there when one
mother of an 8 month old who was dehydrated and her 6 year old
daughter who was having asthma problems got their blankets. She was
crying and hugging my girls. They stayed during the storm in Bay
St. Louis and lost everything. The doctor's office was trying to
find some clothes for them. The mother was hugging the blanket
herself, and she said they would make it "because of people like
you." I believe my girls learned a very valuable lesson from giving
out those two blankets."
Thank you again for your support and kindness,
Pam Pully
Mobile Chapter

Just thought I would share this with you all.


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