Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More Blanket Action for Katrina Evacuees

National has received requests for 9944 blankets. Already promised by chapters: 4559 blankets. Still needed 5385 blankets. Those are the figures as of this afternoon, and more are coming in all the time.

The San Jose Chapter is sending off 17 tomorrow and many more promised every day, We will continue to send them out as fast as we fill a box and find who needs them. If you have blankets ready, check the hompage for drop off locations (scroll down) or leave a comment here and one of our volunteers will get in touch with you to tell you where to drop them off.

If anyone wants to donate money to pay for the postage of mailing blankets, we will take that also. Make your checks out to "Project Linus" and mail them care of:

Dolores Wright,
2274 Elkhorn Court
San José, CA

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