Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Some more recdent thank yous...


Dear Project Linus:
I would like to thank you and the San Jose Chapter for taking the time to make those beautiful blankets for the young children and their families...they love them! The families send their thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work and love that was put in the blankets. Once again, Thank you for all your love and hard work...the blankets are awesome!
Daisy Herrera, Health Educator

Dear Project Linus
This letter is to extend our apprecition to the Linus Project. Your continued support in the community has offered inspiration to those in need. Here at Econmics& Social Opportunities our mission is, "Building Community One Family at a time.": The G Program (Golden Opportunities) provides job training and replacement services to eligible CalWORKS Clients. Outreach, referral and case management services are also offered. The objective is to reduce barriers to obtain and retain jobs.

Through the mission of your program, we are delighted to have the opportunity of sharing with our clients one of your personalized security blanket. It is also with great pleasure that we are not only representing Project Linus, but we have gained a respectable working relationship with such a wonderful organization,. To speak for our client's 'THANKS FOR THE HUG"

Conda Stanford, Susan Carvajal and Maricruz Vllagrana


I am writing to thank you andyour special blanketeers for the kind and generous sharing of their blankets to benefit the hurricane evacuees residing in Texas,

The shelters, families and schools that we have hand delivered to were very excited and happy to receivesuch beautiful blankets. I know they will cherish these blankets for years to come.

Please let your blanketeers knows that we are very greatful for their kindness and help during such an emotional time.

Happy Holidays to all,
Diane Whitehouse, Coordinator--Georgetown, Texas

These are the latest thank yous. Others read at the meeting.


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