Thursday, March 30, 2006

Our Servicemen

To Whom It May Concern,
The Arkansas Chapter of Project Linus has sent countless blankets to our
military families over the past three years. And then just prior to Katrina I
requested 200 blankets for a Combat Brigade being sent to Iraq. I thought if
at all possible I would like all of the small children to have a blanket.
The hurricane (s) hit and I knew the demand would be great for your blankets, so
I emailed Ann Benson and said if need be to hold off on my large request.
She said the word had gone out already and your Blanketeers were responding.
Soon I started receiving the wonderful boxes from all over the country,
including Florida which had been hit by hurricane earlier.
Words just do not seem to be enough to express to you the joy these precious
blankets/quilts have brought our soldiers' families. Sometimes it brings a
sadness accompanied by the happiness of holding a true treasure in their
arms. The treasure that each of your people have sewn or quilted with love and
compassion for the children is invaluable and will be kept in their hearts
their entire life. The blankets will warm them in cold and comfort them in times
of sadness.
I can never thank you all enough for what you have done and what you are
doing. God Bless Each and Every Blanketeer!!!


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