Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Saturday morning, I received a telephone call from the Grandmother
of a little girl that had received a Project Linus blanket. The
little girl's Daddy had been killed in Iraq last June. Because the
child had been living with Grandma (not the Soldier's Mom) and
because the Soldier had remarried, the Military did not contact her
directly about his death. Due to those circumstances and others,
many of the benefits for this child did not come and we were not
able to locate her to send her a blanket. In February, this
Grandmother wrote to our Chapter website and asked for a blanket.
Of course, we sent one out immediately. Last Saturday, Grandma and
little Taylor (age 8) called me to tell me thank you. She takes the
blanket with her everywhere except to school. She told me that it
makes her remember all of the fun times with Daddy. She also told
me that she went to TAPS and there she received another blanket.
This little girl sounded like she had received two Christmases in
the same week. Needless to say, we shared some laughs and some
tears and it made we want to make more blankets all day. Thank you
so much to all of you that have help me to make this Project such a
success. No matter how we feel about what is going on in this
world, the one common denominator is the children and how we can
bring a little sunshine into their lives. Marleen (NW Atlanta)


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