Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New thank you from a coordinator

The following is part of a lengthy letter just received by our
chapter from an agency that deals with abused and neglected children
in Central Florida that recently moved into a new building and
underwent an expansion of its services. Such letters are rarely
received, despite mountains of blankets delivered. They need to be
published for all Blanketeers to share in.

"... [T]hank you and Project Linus for ... [a] recent donation [of
blankets] .... I know over the years you have grown accustomed to
[making] ... deliveries so I wanted to share a brief story about two
young girls who recently visited [us] ....

"About three months ago we began providing medical exams and follow
up medical care to children placed in foster care ... Before ..., The
children, many of them in foster care as a result of physical and
sexual abuse, were visiting the local health department for their
medical care.

"I am sure you can imagine the environment they found at the health
department.... Needless to say, when it came time for their latest
appointment, they were not too excited. ... [This time, they went to
the new facility.] ... [W]hen the caretaker called us later that
afternoon, she told us that all the girls could do when they got back
to the facility was brag about the [new building] and the hand made
blankets they got to pick out.... Each of the other children at this
particular foster care facility began clamoring that they wanted to
go to [the agency] for their next exam. They came into foster care
with the clothes on their back and a deep need to be loved and cared
for. We did what we could to meet their needs, but Project Linus did
for them what no one had ever done before, made something new just
for them.

"It is not enough for us to have a warm facility with expert and
professional staff. In order for us to truly meet our mission and
vision for the community, we must have the support of ... groups like
Project Linus. ..."

OK! Now, everyone reach out and pat yourself on the back.

Susan Murphy
Orlando/Central Florida Chapter

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