Monday, May 19, 2008

About TAPS and Cancer Camps

These past 12 to 14 months have really been a test and a testimony to
the bonds that tie for Project Linus! Every time there was a need for
TAPS, you were there and once again you have reached the goal of 900
blankets for the Good Grief Camp for Memorial Day in Washington DC.

Recently I was reading some quotes of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the
one that really touched my heart was when she said, "I know that God
will never give me more than I can handle...but I just wish He didn't
trust me so much!" You have no idea how many time I have looked up to
the Heavens and said, "oh please...enough already!"...
and then I laugh
and know in my heart that this "Yah yah sisterdhood of PL Coords" will
come through and our missions will succeed.

This Chapter and several of my other coord friends in the area are
struggling with depleated inventories. Now we are facing the western
Montana, Idaho and
eastern the Cascades, Cancer Kids Camp that is held in
Post Falls Idaho each year. If anyone has a blanket t or two that they
can spare

(FYI)_ I just sent off 12 fleece blankets to the Cancer Camps....


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