Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Dear Jenny, Julia, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Kathy, and Barbara,

Wanted to send you some pictures of kids, teens, and returning troops who received the gift of love from Project Linus blanketeers! You all have been phenomenal with your talents and I want to send you some pictures for your websites!

I have had the honor of giving blankets to the children and to the troops who felt they were all on their own when they returned - and they were so proud when someone (YOU ALL!) remembered them with a blanket!

Thank you again for answering the call for the troops and their families.


Judith Mathewson, Lt Col, AKANG

Thank You

My son is currently in the Santa Clara Kaiser NICU and we were fortunate to receive a beautiful quilt from your organization. This quilt is very special to us as it adds a special touch to my son's little isolette. He came early and we never had a baby shower so to receive a special gift for our bundle or joy meant a lot to us. We will continue to use this quilt when we get home and it will go in his baby box when he out grows it so he can remember the quilt that comforted him, mommy and daddy while we awaited his release from the NICU. Its nice to see the blankets and quilts on the little isolettes of the other babies in the NICU too. It allows us to give our babies something special over the beds instead of the hospital blankets. I can't tell you how much it means to be given something special for our little one especially since we never had the time to go pick out something special for him ourselves.
Thank You,
Mary Lou and David H.


Thank you for the blanket, it made my daughter feel better.



Blanket Donation

We were given a blanket by the project during our first week our child
was in Santa Clara Kaiser's NICU. It was made by Phyllis and was pink
with crocheted white trim. It is beautiful like our daughter! It was
comforting to have a handmade blanket on our daughter's isolette to
show everyone that the pink one was our daughter! Thank you so much,
we have pictures of it on her isolette to show her when she is older.
We really appreciate the kindness and the time of the volunteers that
make these blankets.

With Love,

Jennifer and Kawika H.

Thank you for INA

Dear Ina of Project Linus,

Our family would like to sincerely thank you for the gorgeous white blanket we received while in NICU. Baby James was born on July 22nd and immediately checked in to NICU for pneumonia. During his stay, Paige gave us this lovely good blanket to take home with us. James is now home with us and healthy as ever.

We are forever grateful to the wondeful staff of the NICU and Project Linus for the incredible gift.


Jim, Jennifer, and Baby James

Thank you

Thank you Katie and Project Linus for such a beautiful blanket. Our son Jett was in the NICU at Good Samaritan Hospital. He was born 5 weeks early and since we were still in the process of getting things ready we hadn't washed anything for him. We are very thankful for the blanket, it kept him nice and warm in an air conditioned hospital. This is such a great organization to be able to help children and parents in a memorable way.

Jett, Jenna and Jerry G.

Thank You!

Dear Project Linus!
Thank you so much for our beautiful blankets. My daughters, Nicole and Brooke, and I love them. Thank you for all the love you put into making these precious blankets. My daughters love them so much that they are constantly holding them. They lost their Daddy, Commander Michael "Storm" N. in April 2002. These blankets are a reminder to us of our TAPS family, those who have also lost a loved one in the military and those who support and care for us like your organization. Thank you for your love.
God Bless,
Sylvia N.