Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thank You

My son is currently in the Santa Clara Kaiser NICU and we were fortunate to receive a beautiful quilt from your organization. This quilt is very special to us as it adds a special touch to my son's little isolette. He came early and we never had a baby shower so to receive a special gift for our bundle or joy meant a lot to us. We will continue to use this quilt when we get home and it will go in his baby box when he out grows it so he can remember the quilt that comforted him, mommy and daddy while we awaited his release from the NICU. Its nice to see the blankets and quilts on the little isolettes of the other babies in the NICU too. It allows us to give our babies something special over the beds instead of the hospital blankets. I can't tell you how much it means to be given something special for our little one especially since we never had the time to go pick out something special for him ourselves.
Thank You,
Mary Lou and David H.


Blogger jan vyeda said...

My Grandson is a patient at SCVMC. I was unaware of the Linus Project until we received the most beautiful knitted blanket by Aunt Liz. Not only is the blanket beautifully patterned but it gives off such a peace when admired. I am confident that this blanket was made by a woman with a loving and kind heart. Thank you so much for this project and Aunt Liz a big thank you for taking your time to make a knitted blanket that brought joy to an otherwise hard situation. Sincerely Jan and Kai.

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